Daniel Chak, Author

Hello, I'm Dan!

My career of nearly 20 years has informed my perspective on how to be a great Product Manager.

I started my career as a software engineer at Amazon, where I learned how software gets built to scale. Then I spent 9 years in startups, where I "wore many hats". I even started my own company -- a marketplace for restaurants to source produce from local farms -- and sold it, all within a year.

Then I joined Google. Over 8 years as a Product Manager, I learned how to build products for scale, as well as how to make things happen inside a huge organization.

I currently lead Product Management and UX at OpenInvest, a JP Morgan & Chase Company.

I've packed the nuts and bolts of what I've learned about product management into my book, The Product Manager's Guide. I hope you find it useful in your career.


P.S., feel free to follow me on LinkedIn for updates.