Strategy, Psychology and Leadership at Work

What do product managers do, anyway?

Wondering what this role is all about?
You're not alone.

Learn what product management is all about and how it fits into the organization:

  • What does a PM do?

  • Who else is on the team and how do you work together effectively?

Do you have a vision?

Too often, we're stuck in ruts of incrementality

I'll show you how to get unstuck:

  • Spot when your team is working on stuff that doesn't matter

  • Shift into working toward inspiring goals

The product life cycle

Learn my framework for moving through the product lifecycle

Don't know where to start? Too much happening all at once? This framework will anchor you and give your work structure. I'll show you how to Align, Define, Plan, Execute, Launch, Land and Maintain.

Soft skills

Product Managers lead through influence

Learn how to do these critical functions well:

  • How to build your narrative

  • How to go on an effective road show

  • How to run a focused meeting

  • How to manage disagreement

  • How to manage yourself

Tools of the trade

Templates to get you going

A Product Manager creates documents that enable the team to do great work. I'll get you started with templates to communicate the plan to the team:

  • A Product Requirements Document (PRD)

  • A Project plan

  • A Roadmap